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Cases with a Limit of Participants

Note that not all plans are concerned by a limit. If you purchased an Annual or a Conference Unlimited plan, you can host as many games as you like without worrying about the number of connected players.

In case of Conference Small, Medium or Large, a limit in the number of simultaneous participants applies. You can see how many participants are connect in the Subscription menu :

Note that whenever you purchase a new plan, the count of connected players is reset to 0.

The app detects whenever a new student (a new web browser) connects to a role in one of your team's games. One person is then added to the list of connected players.

Note that if a player is already connected to a game and joins another one, for example another round, he is not counted twice. The app recognizes that it is the same person.

What Happens When you Reach the Limit:

If you reach the maximum number of players included in your plan, new participants won't be able to join your games anymore :

Disconnect Players

To remove players from specific games/session. Go to your Dashboard's games list, select some previous games where participants are still connected, and click on "Remove Players".

Use this function if you have first performed a trial before the actual session and want to reset your players count to 0 before inviting the participants for the actual event.

To remove all the players connected in your team's games, you also have access to a button "Disconnect all players" on your Subscription overview page :

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