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Depending on the frequency of use, the number of participants, and the games you purchase, our pricing adjusts to your needs! In the article below, learn about the variables that will impact the price of your subscription.

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In this article:

Conference Plans

If you intend to play a single event, on a limited timeframe, our Conference Plans have got you covered! They allow you to host multi-player games during a fixed duration of one month.

The cost depends on the number of participants that will attend your event.

For more than 100 players, please contact us for a personalized quote.

Different features are added when you reach a certain number of participants:

  • Conference Small (4 to 19 participants) : only 1 instructor license,
  • Conference Medium (20 to 39 participants) : 2 instructors + custom branding,
  • Conference Large (40 to 99 participants) : 3 instructors + custom branding + pay via bank transfer,
  • Conference Unlimited (>= 100 participants) : 4 instructors + custom branding + pay via bank transfer

Instructor licenses : if you host an event with many participants, we automatically add extra instructor seats. This allows you to split the participants into different groups, and have several hosts to manage them. Note that the total number of participants is calculated on all the instructors accounts combined. Of course, depending on your organization, you may host all the games using a single instructor account.

Custom branding allows you to add your own logo and colors to the game using the "Brand & Colors" menu in your Dashboard.

Pay via bank transfer : contact us concerning this option.

Annual Plans

If you intend to play multiple events on a regular basis, check our Annual Plans. They allow you to host unlimited game sessions, to enhance your internal trainings or courses.

The cost depends on the number of instructors (= hosts) that will use the application on an ongoing basis.

To allow the maximum of flexibility, the number of participants is unlimited. With Annual Plans, the Custom branding and possibility to Pay via bank transfer are always available.

All instructors are put together in the same Team, allowing them to collaborate and share game templates.

Discount available

Educational Pricing:

In case you are using the app at School or University, you can benefit up to 60% of discount on Conference Plans, and a 50% discount on Annual Plans.

For the discount to be applied at checkout, update your profile to Educational. Note that your account must use your university email (ideally finishing with ".edu") for the discount to be validated.

Multiple Games:

If you purchase both the Lean Game and the Beer Game at the same time, note that you can benefit from a 10% discount. To activate this, simply select "Both Games" when purchasing a new plan.

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